1918star1s.jpg (45832 bytes)

1918star2s.jpg (42161 bytes)

SCS7.Reproduction Soviet 1918 Red Army cap star. Brass. Soon

sm-stars.jpg (3632 bytes)

SCS4.Soviet cap star for pilotkas and panama hats in Afghanistan. $6.00

green-star.jpg (3103 bytes)

SCS2.Soviet made green star cap insignia for pilotka. $7.00

starb.jpg (3468 bytes)

SCS9.Original WW2 Brass and enamel pilotka cap stars. $10.00

cap-star.jpg (3376 bytes)

SCS1.Soviet made red star cap insignia for pilotka. $7.00

Large-cap-star.jpg (5162 bytes)

SCS3.Soviet WW2 style large red cap stars for visor caps and winter hats. $15.00

nics.jpg (3412 bytes)

SCS10.Soviet Naval infantry beret cocards. $6.00

scb1.jpg (6785 bytes)

SCS11.Soviet Ministry of Justice cap badge. Rare. $15.00

generalb.jpg (7373 bytes)

SCS5.Soviet land force Generals hat cocarde. $15.00
af-generalb.jpg (15038 bytes) SCS6.Soviet air force Generals hat cocarde. $15.00

scs8s.jpg (3467 bytes)

SCS8.Soviet WW2 Army Generals cap badge.
Red center. $20.00

sb2s.jpg (3996 bytes)

SCS13.Soviet WW2 Air Force Generals cap badge.
Light blue center. $20.00

scs11s.jpg (3927 bytes)

SCS11.Soviet WW2 NKVD Generals cap badge. Royal blue
center. $20.00

scs12s.jpg (3756 bytes)

SCS12.Soviet WW2 NKVD Border Guard Generals cap badge.
Green center. $20.00

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