hezcam1s.jpg (55326 bytes)

HEZCAM1.Camouflage as worn by Hezbolla. Standard 4-pocket BDU top.
6 pocket BDU pants. $99.95

(Embroidered sleeve patches

kavkazs.jpg (4797 bytes)

R575.Embroidered sleeve patch.Army of General Dudayev,
Caucasus $15.00

R576.Embroidered sleeve patch for General Doudayev's
army of Ichkeria(in Russian) $15.00

R577.Embroidered sleeve patch for General Doudayev's
army of Ichkeria(in Chechin) $15.00

R578.Embroidered sleeve patch for the Presidential Guard of
General Dudayev. $15.00

R579.Embroidered sleeve patch for General Doudayev's Army $15.00

r580s.jpg (67539 bytes)

R580.Embroidered sleeve patch for the spetsnaz troops of
General Dudayev. $12.00

R613.Embroidered sleeve patch for Chechin police. $15.00
R614.Embroidered sleeve patch for Ichkeria armed forces. $15.00
R615.Embroidered sleeve patch for the National Guards
of Chechnia. $15.00

r616s.jpg (66930 bytes)

R616.Embroidered sleeve patch."VPS Marshonan Biaho"
(translated). $12.00

CH1.Embroidered sleeve patch for "Duki" spetsnaz unit. $15.00
CH2.Breast patch for "Duki" spetsnaz units 1st company.
CH3.Breast patch for "Duki" spetsnaz units 2nd company.
CH4.Breast patch for "Duki" spetsnaz units 3rd company.
CH5.Breast patch for "Duki" spetsnaz units 4th company.
CH6.Breast patch for "Duki" spetsnaz units 5th company.
ABH1.Abkhasia.Sleeve patch for Tax Police.
R758.Chechin sleeve patch for the security service of the
Vice President.
Chechen cap badges
Chechen EM-NCO cap badge.
CCB2.Chechen junior officer cap badge.
CCB3.Chechen senior officer cap badge.
Chechen badges
Chechen Shach Mansoor medal "For bravery" 1st class.
CHBG2.Chechen Shach Mansoor medal "For bravery" 2nd class.

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