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Yugoslav Uniforms
YU10.Yugoslav Air Force 1-star Generals parade uniform. Complete with jacket, pants,
visor cap, parade belt, white gloves. Nice. $600.00
YU15.Yugoslave Army Major Generals uniform. Jacket, pants, cap, parade belt. Includes
8 miniature medals. Nice. $600.00

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YU1.Yugoslav Colonels walking out tunic.Complete.Current.$95.00
YU6.Current Yugoslav Commissariat Colonel walking out tunic and pants. Tunic has current
Yugoslav double headed eagle buttons, sleeve patch. Size of tunic 52/183.
Pants have red piping and are size 50/180. $150.00
YU9.Yugoslav early Communist era Navy Captains uniform. Jacket and pants.
Jacket has embroidered anchor collar tabs and sleeve rank consisting of
4 bars with the top bar having a diamond shape loop. Pants are a size 36" waist. $149.95
YU2.Yugoslav Navy Lt.Commanders everyday tunic.Complete.Current.$85.00
YU3.Yugoslav Army Khaki officer shirts.Used,exc.$20.00
YU4.Yugoslav communist era Army signals chief warrant officer uniform dated 1988.
Tunic and pants.(Zastavnik 1 klase).Pants have red piping.Tunic size 177/52,
pants size 177/50.Used,exc.$119.00

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YU12.Yugoslav Army communist era technical maintenance
Chief Warrant officer uniform. Jacket is Euro size 58/183.
Pants are about a 42" waist. $149.95

YU8.Yugoslav Communist era Army Warrant officer dark blue parade uniform.Tunic, pants,
hat, parade belt. Tunic is size 50/177 and is dated 1990. Pants have red piping and are
about a 38" waist. Hat size 56. $199.95
YU7.Yugoslav communist era Air Force old style Command Sergeant uniform.
Jacket is dated 1977 and is size 46/180. Pants are size 30" waist. $149.95

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YU11.Yugoslav Navy white summer uniform for all ranks.. Communist era. Jacket
size 40-42, pants size 35" waist. $100.00

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YU13.Yugoslav Navy beige unifor (jacket and pants). Pants about size 34" waist,
jacket about 40-42 chest. $85.00

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YU14.Yugoslav Navy Commanders jacket and pants.
Technical branch summer service uniform. $100.00

YU5A.JNA - khaki officer's shirt.Short sleeve.Size 40.Used,exc.$20.00
YU5B.JNA - khaki officer's shirt.Long sleeve.Size 42.Unissued.$20.00

Tie Tacs
YU1337.An attractive POLICE CLASP FOR TIE. With inscription "MILIZIA" in
Cyrillic script. Seldom offered. $15.00

Yugoslav Helmets,Caps and berets
Helmets,helmet nets,helmet covers
Yugoslav M1956 Army helmets.Olive color with Red star.$89.95
YUHELMETB.Yugoslav M1956 Army helmets.Olive color with current Serb Army
eagle design.$85.00
YUHELMETC.Yugoslav M1956 Army helmets.Olive color with current Serb Air
Force eagle design.$85.00
YUHNET.Yugoslav helmet nets for the M1956 helmets.$14.95
YUHCOV.Yugoslav green-brown colored tarn helmet cover in excellent condition.$20.00
YUHM1.Dark-gray plastic ex-Yugo military police riot helmet.This is genuine helmet (pattern about 1982) that is also used mostly in street demonstrations in Kosovo
and in the streets of Croatia and Serbia before NATO's attack.$100.00 SOLD
YUHM2.Yellow colored plastic ex-Yugo military fire department helmet (made in Yugoslavia) with glass protection mask. Extra rare pattern very late introduced.
Excellent condition - as new. SOLD


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CAHMT1. Bosnian war era camouflage helmet with red star.Missing
the inside band. SOLD

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CAHMT2. Bosnian war era camouflage helmet . SOLD

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CAHMT3. Bosnian war era camouflage helmet. Missing
the inside band. SOLD

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cahmt4as.jpg (3578 bytes)

CAHMT4. Bosnian war era camouflage helmet. Has the word
"NEISP" on the front.Missing the inside band. $69.95

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CAHMT5.Bosnian war era helmet with bullet hole. On the front of the helmet
is etched "TOBH" with what looks like the Bosnian coat of arms. SOLD

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CAHMT6.Bosnian Serb helmet with the Serbian cross and
4 c's etched on the front and above that "ARKAN". SOLD

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CAHMT7.Bosnian Serb helmet with the Serbian cross and
4 c's drawn on the front with a marker. $69.95

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CAHMT8.Bosnian war helmets. $59.95

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CAHMT9.Bosnian Serb helmet with the Serbian cross and
4 c's drawn on both sides with a black marker. $69.95

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CAHMT10.Bosnian Serb helmet with the Serbian tri color
painted on left side. SOLD

cahmt11s.jpg (3737 bytes)

CAHMT11.Another Bosnian Serb helmet with the Serbian tri color
painted on left side. SOLD

cahmt13-s.jpg (3271 bytes)

CAHMT13.East German helmet with Serb crest applied with black marker.
Used in Bosnian war. SOLD

cahmt14-s.jpg (3651 bytes)

CAHMT14.East German helmet with Serbian tri color painted
on left side. From the war in Bosnia. SOLD

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CAHMT15.Another Bosnian Serb helmet with the Serbian tri color
painted on left side. $69.95

cahmt16-s.jpg (3525 bytes)

CAHMT16.Yugoslav helmet with red bar in center possibly to show Lt.
rank. From Bosnian war. $69.95

cahmt17-s.jpg (3690 bytes)

CAHMT17.Croatian marked Yugoslav helmet with Croatian checkerboard
in black marker on front with writing on left side. SOLD

cahmt18s.jpg (3527 bytes)

CAHMT18.Bosnian Serb helmet with the Serbian cross and
4 c's etched on the front. From war in Bosnia. $69.95


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SKH1.Serb kevlar helmet. $150.00

skh2s.jpg (4234 bytes)

SKH2.Bosnian Muslim Kevlar helmet with leafy cover and muslim band. SOLD

skh3s.jpg (3365 bytes)

SKH3.Serb kevlar helmet. Some wear to finish. $140.00

Dark red berets used by the 63rd para brigade, 72nd Anti-terrorist Brigade,
Corps of Special Forces, and the Guards Brigade. Used. Most dated 1993-1996. $20.00
NEW POLICE BERET used in SERBIA since 1992. Grayish blue, with
CAP BADGE, gilt and enamel in Serbian red-blue-white tricolor. $34.95
YU625.Yugoslav Air Force officers blue beret with cap badge.
Communist era.Used,exc.$34.95

YU605.Yugoslav Navy beret.Navy blue with metal/enamel red star
cap device.Communist era.Used,exc.$34.95
Overseas caps
YU604.Yugoslav Army camouflage overseas caps,called "Titovka"
(Tito's cap) with embroidered red star.All dated 1991.Unissued.$29.95
YU357.A NARROW CAP called "TITOVKA" (Tito's cap) for high officers and
generals of the Yugoslav Army. Grey-olive green, with a golden strip at
upper part., and with officer's cap badge, a red star.$40.00
YU1267.A POLICE "TITOVKA" CAP ("Tito's cap), for POLICE OFFICERS. Used
in SFR Yugoslavia before 1992. Bluegray with blue piping. $29.95
YU357.A NERROW CAP called "TITOVKA" (Tito's cap) for officers and
generals of the Yugoslav Army. Grey-olive green, with a golden strip at
upper part., and wit five pointed red star with hammer and sickle in center.
Available in size 53 with tailors label dated 1969.$35.00   

A rare LEATHER BELT of the YUGOSLAV ARMY from period 1946-55,
with brass BUCKLE in form of the Republican coat of arms.
This early type seldom offered. $80.00
made of white leather and it has a big rectangular nickel buckle with golden
five-pointed star and inscription "VOJNA POLICIJA JNA" (Military Police of
YPA). Rare. $60.00
Yugoslav Air Force Officers parade belt.Communist era.Gilt buckle
with SFRY coat of arms.Belt is gold on dark blue backing.
Very decorative.$60.00

YU358.Early PARADE DRESS BELT of the Yugoslav Peoples' Army, before
1963. It has a solid brass and gilt buckle, with former Yugoslav
Republican coat of arms, with 5 torches.)  Similar to the earlier Royal
Yugoslav belts.Belt is gold on dark Red backing.Very decorative.$60.00

YU570.New parade dress belt of the "Vojska Jugoslavije" (Army of the
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia).Gold brocade belt with red threads on red
backing with large gold metal buckle with new coat-of-arms of FRY-
double headed eagle.NICE.$60.00

YU591A.Yugoslav communist era peoples army belt buckle.$20.00
YU591B.Yugoslav communist era Air Force belt buckle.$20.00
YU591C.Yugoslav communist era Navy belt buckle.$20.00
YUB359.Yugoslav Military academy belt buckles.$20.00
YUB379.Yugoslav Military Police belt buckle.$30.00 

YU1320A.A BUCKLE for POLICE BELT with IDENTITY NUMBER of the policeman.
Brass numeral ("16251") on nickel base. Used up to 1971, and now rare. $60.00
YU1320B.A BUCKLE for POLICE BELT with IDENTITY NUMBER of the policeman.
Brass numeral ("60248") on nickel base. Used up to 1971, and now rare. $60.00
YUBT1.Yugoslav Army belt with open single prong silver buckle. $30.00
YUBT2.Yugoslav officers belt without cross strap. $30.00
YUBT3.Yugoslav officers belt with cross strap. $45.00

A parade braid for the uniform of the military orchestra of the Yugoslav Peoples' Army. Silver like plait with two endings in silver.$35.00

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