The Krajina Region (making up about one third of Croatia) is on the frontier
between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina; the chief town is Knin. Dominated
by Serbs, the region proclaimed itself an autonomous Serbian province
(Republic of Serbian Krajina) after Croatia declared its independence from
Yugoslavia in 1991. Krajina was the scene of intense inter-ethnic fighting during
the civil war in Croatia 1991–92 and, following the cease-fire January 1992,
about 14,000 UN troops were deployed there (UNPROFOR) and in eastern
and western Slavonia.Croatian forces recaptured the region in a major offensive
in August 1995, forcing an estimated 150,000 Serbs to flee their homes
Patches of Republic of Srpska and the Republic of Serbian Krajina are
extremely scarce now as they were war issues and the war has been over
for some time.

Bank Notes of Serbian Krajina - Banknotes were issued by the Serbian Republic-Krajina
in 1991 and 1992, and by the National Bank of the Serbian Republic-Krajina from 1992 until 1994.

Republic of Serbian Krajina (now again within Croatia) A 5,000 DINARA BANKNOTE,
dated 1993, type FORTRESS OF KNIN. $3.25
BN2.As above but 500,000 DINARA BANKNOTE. $3.25

We have both In original packets of the National Bank containing 100
uncirculated pieces each, with successive serial numbers.

YU588.Camouflage beret of the Army of the former Republic of
Serbian Kraina,now within Croatia.With patch of paramilitary unit

REPUBLIC OF SERBIAN KRAJINA T.O. (Teritorijalna Odbrada-
Local territory defense sleeve patches  for Vukovar and other
Eastern Slavonia towns and villages.

r155s.jpg (60059 bytes)

R155.Territorial defence sleeve patch for the city of "Dalj" $45.00

r157s.jpg (59758 bytes)

R157.As above but for the city of"Savulja" $45.00

r158s.jpg (60020 bytes)

R158.As above but for the city of"Bijelo Brdo" $45.00

r159s.jpg (56961 bytes)

R159.As above but for the city of "Beli Manastir" $45.00

r160s.jpg (59266 bytes)

R160.As above but for the city of "Borovo Selo" $45.00

r161s.jpg (57697 bytes)

R161.As above but for the city of "Markuschica" $45.00

r163s.jpg (61087 bytes)

R163.As above but for the city of "Silash" $45.00

sr119s.jpg (57106 bytes)

SR119.As above but for the village of Bobota.$45.00

sr120s.jpg (53698 bytes)

SR120.As above but for the village of Bilje.$45.00

vukovars.jpg (57059 bytes)

CRSVUK.As above but for the city of Vukovar. $100.00

R156.As above but for the city of "Tenje"
R162.As above but for the city of "Mirkovci"

rs153s.jpg (1555 bytes)

RS153.Flag sleeve patch of the territorial units. $35.00

r555s.jpg (59781 bytes)

R555.Sleeve patch.Reconnoiter & Sabotage squad
"Delta" from "Dalj" $30.00

r555bs.jpg (65841 bytes)

R555B.Embroidered Sleeve patch.Reconnoiter & Sabotage squad
"Delta" from "Dalj" $20.00

now within Croatia.

yu628s.jpg (44805 bytes)

YU628.Republic of Serbian Kraina.Woven Cap patch. $20.00

rs104s.jpg (1547 bytes)

RS104.Sleeve patch of the Serbian Brigade "The Wolf Dogs".Embroidered. SOLD OUT

rs152s.jpg (53548 bytes)

RS152.Embroidered sleeve patch "Wolfs from Vucjak" (Vukovi's Vucjaka). $20.00

yu629ds.jpg (63645 bytes)

YU629D.Republic of Serbian Krajina, Military police sleeve patch.$45.00

yu652s.jpg (59106 bytes)

YU652.SLEEVE PATCH of the MILITARY POLICE of Serbian Kraina. In shape of
half circle. Multicolor embroidery on black felt. With Serbian tricolor and
inscription "MILITZIA KRAJINA". $45.00

sr108s.jpg (54532 bytes)

SR108.Sleeve patch in a form of the Serbian Coat of arms, the double headed
white eagle. Multicolor plastics on black base. Worn by the volunteer paramilitary units from Serbia in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina war (in Republic of Serbian Kraina and Republic of Srpska respectively). $20.00

sr112s.jpg (55144 bytes)

SR112.A patch in a form of the COAT OF ARMS of the Republic of
Serbian Kraina. Used as a sleeve patch by regular soldiers and volunteers.
Multicolor plastics, depicting Serbian white eagle, with inscription

yu512s.jpg (68646 bytes)

YU512.Sleeve patch of the Serbian Army of Kraina, shield shape,
silk embroidery.EXTREMELY SCARCE.$35.00

YU3075F.First sleeve patch of military units of the Republic of Serbian Kraina.
Republic of Serbian Kraina.Generals cap patch.
CRS31.Sleeve patch for the militia of Serbian Krajina. $20.00
CRS20.Sleeve patch for special unit "Thunder". $20.00

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