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PHOTO 6-Yugoslav and Greek Generals
May 22,1997

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Commander in chief of the Yugoslav Army, deposed by Milosevic
at the beginning of the NATO attack in March 1999. This
photo was taken on June13, 1997. Mr. Persic is in general uniform
with ribbon bars of high Yugoslav orders
PHOTO 8-Female LT. COLONEL, dressed in dark blue parade uniform,
with beret. She is taking an AWARD SABRE from an ADMIRAL
dressed in white uniform.In background is General Momcilo Perisic.
PHOTO 9-Police LT. GENERAL holding Press Conference
PHOTO 10-policemen "in action", dressed in antiterrorist uniforms and
standing in cordon.December 1996
PHOTO 11-police dressed in antiterrorist uniforms with helmets
PHOTO 12A-Military Police.Taken during riots in June 1997
PHOTO 12B-Military Police.Taken during riots in June 1997
PHOTO 13-Yugoslav soldiers dressed in winter camouflage
uniforms, with black fur collars.
PHOTO 14- Original World War II photograph of Marshal Tito.
On this big size photograph, 22 x 16.5 cm, Tito is accompanied with a group
of Partisan officers and one civilian. He is dressed in wartime Marshal
uniform of Yugoslav partisans, wearing boots. Next to him is his famous general
Slobodan Penezich Krcun, also in the partisan wartime general uniform,
having on his breasts the first model of the Commemorative Partisan 1941
Medal, issued in Moscow in 1943. An attractive historical document.
PHOTO 15-A World War II original photograph of the famous Yugoslav Royal
Army (called Chetniks) Commander Nikola Kalabich. On  this quality
photograph Commander Kalabich is shown with big beard and mustaches,
having the Chetnik's fur cap on his head, and holding German pistol
"Luger" in one hand, and the knife in other. On cap he has a badge of
the Royal Guard troops, and on his breast another chetnik's insignia.
Very attractive postcard size photo and rare.
PHOTO 16A.SERBIAN POLICE dressed in very special anti terrorist
uniforms, with mails, helmets and armed.Taken in January 1997.

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