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by COL William A. Boik, USAR, Ret. Hardcover with dust jacket.
11" x 8.5", having 120 pages illustrated with over 300 color photos
showing all North Korean awards. $37.95


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RPNKM1.Reproduction Hero of North Korea. Screwback.

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RPNKM2.Reproduction Hero of North Korea. Pinback. $24.95


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NKM12.Order of Freedom and Independance 2nd class. $150.00

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NKM3.Order of National Flag 1st Class. Numbered. $99.95

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NKM4.Order of National Flag 2nd class. Unnumbered. $45.00

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NKM5.Order of National Flag 2nd Class. Unnumbered. $45.00

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NKM5N.Order of National Flag 2nd Class. Numbered. $49.95

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NKM6.Order of National Flag 3rd Class. Unnumbered. $29.95

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NKM6N.Order of National Flag 3rd Class. Numbered. $39.95
NKM25.Order of National Flag 3rd Class. Horizontal pin.
Numbered. $49.95

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NKM1.Order of Red Banner of the 3 Great Revolutions.
1pc construction. $45.00

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NKM2.Order of Red Banner of the 3 Great Revolutions.
2pc construction. $69.95

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NKM7A.Order of Labor type 2. $45.00

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NKM7B.Order of Labor type 2. $45.00

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NKM8.Order of Military Service Honor 1st class. $139.95

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NKM9.Order of Military Service Honor 2nd class. $95.00

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NKM10.Order of Military Service Honor 3rd class. $39.95

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NKM11.Order of 20th Anniversary of DPRK. Numbered. $59.95

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NKM13.Order of 20th Anniversary of DPRK. Unnumbered. $49.95

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NKM14.Order of the Commemoration of the Korean Army's
60th anniversary.$160.00

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NKM15.Order of the 40th Anniversary of the Korean War. $39.95

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NKM16.Order of the founding of the Korean Army.Screwback. $179.95

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NKM24.Order of Capital Construction.$89.95

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NKM23.Order of Soldier Honor 1st Class. $89.95

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NKM23D.Order of Soldier Honor 1st Class. Enamel missing from
1 point of star.$45.00


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NKM21.North Korean medal for Meritorious Service. $20.00

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NKM19.North Korean medal for military service. $20.00

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NKM18.North Korean medals for military merit type 1. $20.00

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NKM20.North Korean medals for military merit type 2. $20.00

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NKM22.North Korean medal for participation in the Fatherland War. $25.00


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NKI1.North Korean junior officer shoulder boards. $100.00 pr


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NKU3.North Korean Womens junior officer uniform, jacket and pants.
The womens uniforms button the opposite way of the mens. The pants have
a side zipper. $450.00

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NKU4.North Korean uniform, jacket and pants. Tunic has
subdued buttons. Uniform has blue liner and is
very well marked. cotton. $400.00

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NKU5.North Korean tunic. Used. 1 button missing.Another
button mismatched to tunic. Can see where collar tabs were
removed. $200.00

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