Iranian sleeve patches

iran1s.jpg (53113 bytes)

IRAN1.Iranian Police sleeve patch. $12.00

iran2s.jpg (62409 bytes)

IRAN2.Iranian Flag sleeve patch. Iranian made. $10.00

iran3s.jpg (60084 bytes)

IRAN3.Iranian Revolutionary Guard sleeve patch on Blue. $15.00

iran4s.jpg (55257 bytes)

IRAN4.Iranian Revolutionary Guard sleeve patch on Black. $15.00

iran5s.jpg (55263 bytes)

IRAN5.Iranian sleeve patch. $15.00

iran6s.jpg (61062 bytes)

IRAN6.Iranian sleeve patch. $15.00

iran7s.jpg (67718 bytes)

IRAN7.Iranian Air Defence sleeve patch. $15.00

iran8s.jpg (57864 bytes)

IRAN8.Iranian Revolutionary Guard hat patch on Black. $15.00

iran9s.jpg (52196 bytes)

IRAN9.Iranian sleeve patch. $15.00

iran10s.jpg (67859 bytes)

IRAN10.Iranian SPECIAL FORCES sleeve patch. $15.00

iran11s.jpg (58700 bytes)

IRAN11.Iranian sleeve patch. $15.00

iran12s.jpg (63344 bytes)

IRAN12.Iranian sleeve patch. $15.00

iran13s.jpg (64786 bytes)

IRAN13.Iranian Revolutionary Guard PARATROOPER sleeve patch. $15.00

iran14s.jpg (54046 bytes)

IRAN14.Iranian TANK FORCES sleeve patch. $15.00

iran15s.jpg (58966 bytes)

IRAN15.Iranian AIR FORCE sleeve patch. $15.00

iran16s.jpg (58345 bytes)

IRAN16.Iranian sleeve patch. $15.00

iran17s.jpg (55977 bytes)

IRAN17.Iranian sleeve patch. $15.00

iran18s.jpg (63601 bytes)

IRAN18.Iranian SPECIAL FORCES sleeve patch. $15.00

iran19s.jpg (56400 bytes)

IRAN19.Iranian AIR FORCE sleeve patch. $15.00

iran20s.jpg (54722 bytes)

IRAN20.Iranian PARATROOPER sleeve patch. $15.00

iran22s.jpg (55329 bytes)

IRAN22.Iranian sleeve patch. $15.00

iran23s.jpg (60767 bytes)

IRAN23.Iranian NAVY sleeve patch. $15.00

iran24s.jpg (57465 bytes)

IRAN24.Iranian MARINES sleeve patch. $15.00

iran25s.jpg (65343 bytes)

IRAN25.Iranian POLICE sleeve patch. $15.00

iran26s.jpg (64203 bytes)

IRAN26.Iranian beret patch. $15.00

iran27s.jpg (63585 bytes)

IRAN27.Iranian sleeve patch. $15.00

iran28s.jpg (60264 bytes)

IRAN28.Iranian Revolutionary Guard beret patch on Black. $15.00

iran29s.jpg (51342 bytes)

IRAN29.Iranian medical sleeve patch. $15.00

iran30s.jpg (53359 bytes)

IRAN30.Iranian AIR FORCE  hat patch. $15.00

iran31s.jpg (58359 bytes)

IRAN31.Iranian hat patch. $15.00

iran32s.jpg (60991 bytes)

IRAN32.Iranian AIR FORCE patch. $15.00

iran33s.jpg (55378 bytes)

IRAN33.Iranian AIR FORCE hat patch. $15.00

Iranian Revolutionary Guard shoulder boards

IRNSB11.Revolutionary Guards 2nd Leutenant. $20.00pr

IRNSB10.Revolutionary Guards Leutenant. $20.00pr

IRNSB9.Revolutionary Guards First Leutenant. $20.00pr

IRNSB8.Revolutionary Guards Captain. $20.00pr

IRNSB7.Revolutionary Guards Major. $20.00pr

IRNSB6.Revolutionary Guards Leutenant Colonel. $20.00pr

IRNSB5.Revolutionary Guards Colonel. $20.00pr

IRNSB24.Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General. $29.95pr

IRNSB4.Revolutionary Guards Major General. $29.95pr

IRNSB3.Revolutionary Guards Leutenant General. $29.95pr

IRNSB1.Revolutionary Guards General. $29.95pr

IRNSB2.General of Revolutionary Guards. $35.00pr

Iranian Army Shoulder Boards

IRNSB23.Army 2nd Leutenant. $20.00pr

IRNSB22.Army Leutenant. $20.00pr

IRNSB21.Army 1st Leutenant. $20.00pr

IRNSB20.Army Captain. $20.00pr

IRNSB19.Army Major. $20.00pr

IRNSB18.Army Leutenant Colonel. $20.00pr

IRNSB17.Army Colonel. $20.00pr

IRNSB16.Army Brigadier General. $29.95pr

IRNSB15.Army Major General. $29.95pr

IRNSB14.Army Leutenant General. $29.95pr

IRNSB13.Army General. $29.95pr

IRNSB12.General of the Army. $35.00pr

Iranian Badges

IR1.Iranian Navy submarine badges. $15.00


irht8s.jpg (41151 bytes)

IRHT8.Iranian Police officer cap. Iranian made.About size 59. $29.95

irht7s.jpg (47208 bytes)

IRHT7.Iranian Justice Ministry cap on 3-color desert camo.
Iranian made. Size 57. $29.95

irht6s.jpg (55501 bytes)

IRHT6.Iranian Amy camouflage cap. Iranian made.About size 58. $39.95

irht5s.jpg (42250 bytes)

IRHT5.Iranian Policeman cap. Iranian made.About size 55-56. $29.95

irht4s.jpg (42744 bytes)

IRHT4.Iranian Revolutionary Guards cap. Iranian made.About size 57. $34.95

irht3s.jpg (41697 bytes)

IRHT3.Iranian Justice Ministry cap. Iranian made.About size 58. $29.95

irht2s.jpg (43396 bytes)

irht22s.jpg (56345 bytes)

IRHT2.Iranian Air Force officers cap. Iranian made.About size 58. $34.95

irht1s.jpg (34335 bytes)

IRHT1.Iranian Air Force soldiers cap. Iranian made.About size 56-57. $29.95

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