Load bearing vests

chinesetype91vsts.jpg (52444 bytes)

CFG7.Chinese Type 91 assault harness.4 magazine pockets,
4 grenade pockets, canteen pouch. $59.95

type99pararigs.jpg (4593 bytes)

CFG6.Chinese Type 99 paratrooper assault harness.4 magazine pockets,
4 grenade pockets, 4 other pouches. $69.95

skss.jpg (4378 bytes)

CHV1.Chinese SKS ammo vest. SOLD OUT

CFG5.Old stlye Chinese Army 4 pocket stick grenade pouches. $20.00


chrukfrs.jpg (3838 bytes)

chrukbks.jpg (4017 bytes)

CHRK1.Chinese Army combat pack. Nylon with
2 external pockets. $45.00

chruk2frs.jpg (4061 bytes)

chruk2bks.jpg (3957 bytes)

CHRK2.Chinese Army Large Rucksack.   Metal frame.
3 external pockets and canteen pouch.$85.00


ch1s.jpg (3522 bytes)

CFG1.Chinese Army leather flare holster with
shoulder strap. $29.95

ch2ss.jpg (3485 bytes)

CFG2.Chinese Army leather Tokarev holster with shoulder strap
and 2 pocket magazine pouch. $45.00

ch3s.jpg (2995 bytes)

CFG3.Chinese Army leather compass pouch for tokarev
holsters with shoulder strap. $9.95

ch4s.jpg (3079 bytes)

CFG4.Chinese Army 2 pocket mag pouch for the
Tokarev pistol. $15.00

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