Medals and Orders

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ALBMD7.Order of Liberty 1st class.$450.00

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ALBMD8.Order of Liberty 2nd class.$300.00

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ALBMD4.Order of Skenderbeg 1st Class.$400.00

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ALBMD5.Order of Skenderbeg 2nd Class.$250.00

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ALBMD6.Order of Skenderbeg 3rd Class.$150.00

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ALBMD1.Order of the Partizan Star 1st Class.
Instituted August 9 , 1945. $250.00

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ALBMD2.Order of the Partizan Star 2nd Class.
Instituted August 9 , 1945. $200.00

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ALBMD3.Order of the Partizan Star 3rd Class.
Instituted August 9 , 1945. $150.00

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ALBMD9.Order of the Red Banner of Labor. 1st class. $150.00

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ALBMD10.Order of the Red Banner of Labor. 2nd class. $100.00

albania11s.jpg (2911 bytes)

ALBMD11.Medal of Honorary Title "Mother Heroine". $250.00

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ALBMD12.Medal of the Honorary Title "Meritous Teacher". $119.95

albania13s.jpg (3042 bytes)

ALBMD13.Medal of the Honorary Title "National Artist of the P.R.A.". $150.00

albania14s.jpg (3095 bytes)

ALBMD14.Medal of the Honorary Title "Meritous Artist". $119.95

albania15s.jpg (3565 bytes)

ALBMD15.Order of Mothers Glory. 1st Class. $250.00

albania16s.jpg (2538 bytes)

ALBMD16.Order of Mothers Glory. 2nd Class. $150.00

albania17s.jpg (3254 bytes)

ALBMD17.Order of Mothers Glory. 3rd Class. $150.00

albania18s.jpg (3331 bytes)

ALBMD18.Medal for Bravery.$119.95

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