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Border Guards

ub85s.jpg (3228 bytes)

UB85.Border Guard distinguished service badge.$29.95

ub14s.jpg (66219 bytes)

UB14.Ukrainian border guard best soldiers badge."200"lightweight colored
gold metal. $15.00

UB5.Ukrainian border guard best soldiers badge."500"lightweight gold metal.$15.00
UB23.Ukrainian Border Guard badge. Type 1. $15.00
UB22.Ukrainian Border Guard badge. Type 2. $15.00

ub91s.jpg (3188 bytes)

UB91.Ukrainian para badge.Nice heavy badges. Bronze.
Brand New issue. $20.00

ub90s.jpg (3517 bytes)

UB90.Ukrainian para badge.Nice heavy badges. Silver.
Brand New issue. $20.00

ub89s.jpg (3528 bytes)

UB89.Ukrainian para badge.Nice heavy badges. Gold.
Brand New issue. $20.00

ub80s.jpg (4192 bytes)

UB80.Ukrainian para badge.$15.00

ub81s.jpg (33693 bytes)

UB81.Ukrainian para wing breast badge.6.5cm x 3cm. $15.00

ub15s.jpg (59727 bytes)

UB15.Ukrainian para badge. Type 1. $15.00

UB76.Ukrainian para breast badge with hanger.Type 2. $15.00
UB11.Ukrainian para wing breast badge. $15.00
UB7.Ukrainian parawings from the 95th airborne training center.
lightweight metal.$15.00
Air Force
UB16.Ukrainian Air Force breast badge. $15.00
Ukrainian Guards badges

ub20s.jpg (59575 bytes)

UB20.Ukrainian Guards breast badge. $20.00

UB19.Ukrainian Artillery troops breast badge.$15.00
Motor Rifles
UB17.Ukrainian motor rifles troops breast badge.$15.00
Communications Troops
UB18.Communications troops breast badge.$15.00
Academy badges
UB1.Graduate badge from the Kiev academy of the ministry of the interior for the
year of 1996. $29.95
UB2.Officers graduate badge from the Ukrainian police academy. $29.95

Other ranks graduate badge from the Ukrainian police academy. $29.95
Officers graduate badge from the Kiev academy of the ministry of the interior.$29.95
Officers graduate badge from the fire fighting college. $29.95
Graduate badge from the diplomatic academy of the MZS of Ukraine.$29.95
Best soldier badges
Ukrainian armed forces best soldiers badge. $15.00
Afghanistan service badges

ub12s.jpg (52454 bytes)

UB12.Afghanistan service badge.Type 1.Screwback. $15.00

ub13s.jpg (66077 bytes)

UB13.Afghanistan service badge. Type 2. Pinback. $15.00

Ukrainian MVS Interior Ministry badges

ub86s.jpg (3980 bytes)

UB86.MVS service badge.$29.95

ub87s.jpg (3836 bytes)

UB87.MVS service badge.$29.95

Miscellaneous badges

ub21s.jpg (66977 bytes)

UB21.Ukrainian badge for the 60th anniversary of the 51st Mechanized Division 1939-1999.
Formed from the Soviet 15th Guards Rifles Division of WW2 and the Soviet Army's
51st Guards Motor Rifle Division.  The 51st Mechanized Division is a formation of Ukrainian ground forces stationed at Volodymyr-Volynskyi in Volyn Oblast on the border with Poland. $20.00

ub88s.jpg (3448 bytes)

UB88.DFS service badge.$29.95

ub84s.jpg (4152 bytes)

UB84.Volyn War College.$15.00

ub83s.jpg (3788 bytes)

UB83.Lviv Viskovy Komissariat.$15.00

ub82s.jpg (3804 bytes)

UB82.Lviv War College.$15.00

ub79s.jpg (4456 bytes)

UB79.Ukrainian Navy Infantry para badges.DMB 2002. $15.00

ub77s.jpg (67652 bytes)

UB77.Ukrainian badge for spetsnaz in the city of Krizori. $15.00

ub78s.jpg (67162 bytes)

                                   UKRAINIAN NATIONAL GUARDS

UB78.National Guards breast badge.4.5cm x 5.5cm.No longer
made or issued. $20.00


um6s.jpg (3408 bytes)

UM6.Ukrainian medal for Bravery.$149.95

um1s.jpg (3980 bytes)

UM1.Ukrainian order of Bogdan Khemilnitsky 3rd class.Numbered.$75.00

um2s.jpg (3488 bytes)

UM2.Ukrainian MVS long service medal.$45.00

um3s.jpg (3264 bytes)

UM3.Ukrainian MVS silver long service medal for officers.$100.00

um4s.jpg (3300 bytes)

UM4.Ukrainian MVS gold long service medal for Generals.$300.00

um5s.jpg (3504 bytes)

UM5.Prison police Distinguished Service medal.$100.00

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