oswh1s.jpg (4212 bytes)

OSWH1.Soviet WW2 Air Force officer sheepskin winter hat. $189.95

oswh2s.jpg (4484 bytes)

OSWH2.Soviet WW2 officer black sheepskin winter hat.
Black leather body. $175.00

oswh3s.jpg (4618 bytes)

OSWH3.Soviet WW2 sheepskin papakha. $200.00


swu1s.jpg (3413 bytes)

SWU1.Soviet WW2 Militsia uniform for rank of Colonel. Breeches have
light blue piping. Reproduction made in Ukraine. Buttons and shoulder boards
are original. $250.00

swu2s.jpg (3503 bytes)

SWU2.Soviet officer breeches. Cloth makers label dated 1964. Size about 32" waist.
Unissued. $100.00

swu3s.jpg (3334 bytes)

SWU3.Soviet 1960's officer breeches. Cloth Kaliningrad tailors label.
Size about 33" waist. $100.00

swu4s.jpg (2880 bytes)

SWU4.Soviet 1960's officer gymnasterka. Size about 40-42 chest. $129.95


ombs.jpg (3435 bytes)

OMB1.Soviet medical bag. Post war. $30.00

original-rucksack-s.jpg (3029 bytes)

OFE1.Soviet original WW2 style rucksack. Post war dated. $45.00

rucksack-s.jpg (3315 bytes)

OFE2.Soviet WW2 style rucksack. Reproduction made to look original.
Well marked, dated 1940. Made in Ukraine. $30.00

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