Russian Border Guard commendant company. $5.00

R466.Russian border guards Moscow brigade in
Tadjikistan sleeve patch.$5.00

R467.Russian sleeve patch for the"Sosnovy Bor"
border guard brigade.$5.00

R468.Sleeve patch for the"Vyborg"control point.$5.00
R469."St. Petersburg"border guard brigade. $5.00
R470.Russian Border Guard sleeve patch for the "Ivangorod"control
point.(Estonian Border) $6.00

R471."Moscow"border guard control point. $5.00
R473.Russian sleeve patch for the North-Western Border Guard District.
St.Petersburg office. $5.00

R474."Vladivostok"border guards sleeve patch. $5.00
R475.Russian border guards sleeve patch for the Headquarters of the
Transbaykal Border Guard district. $5.00

R54.Russian Arctic border guards sleeve patch. $6.00
R257."Novorossiysk"border guard brigade. $5.00
R504.Russian naval border guards sleeve patch. $5.00
R507.Large sleeve patch for 2nd division,
Holitsin Border Guard college.$6.00

R338.Sleeve patch for Russian arctic border guard brigade. $5.00
R252.Sleeve patch of border troops of the Russian Federation. $5.00
R513.2pc sleeve patch of the St. Petersburg border guard brigade. $6.00
R514.Sleeve patch for the Moscow border guard brigade. $6.00
R52.Sleeve patch for border guard radio technical dept. $6.00

R248A.Federal border guard left sleeve patch.On green. $5.00
R248B.Russian Federal Border Guard left sleeve patch.On Blue.$6.00
R566.Like R248 but embroidered on green. $7.50
R249A.Federal border guard sleeve patch.on black.$5.00
R249B.As above but embroidered.$8.50
R681.Flag patch for Border Guards on green.$6.00

R682.Sleeve patch for Coast Guard unit in the city of Bartijsk.$5.00
R718.Sleeve patch of the Caucasus border guard district."Sochi". $6.00
R723.Sleeve patch for the Transcaucasus border guard district.
Khichauri unit.$6.00

R511.Sleeve patch for Border Guard spetsnaz. $6.00 SOLD OUT
R739.Border Guard headquarters officers sleeve patch. $6.00
R742.Border Guard aviation sleeve patch for head commanders. $6.00
R735.Border Guard sleeve patch for Artic air regiment. $6.00

R763.Russian border guard sleeve patch for the Radio-Technical

R826.Russian Border Guard Headquaters Commanders
sleeve patch. $6.00

R827.Russian Border Guard Deputy Directors sleeve patch.$6.00
R828.Russian Border Guard Directors sleeve patch.$6.50
R830.Russian Border Guard sleeve patch for the Northern Caucasus
Khounsah Border Guard unit.$6.00

R843.Russian Border Guard sleeve patch for the Pskov border guard

R844.Russian Border Guard sleeve patch for the Border Guard
providing service.$6.00

R845.Russian Border Guard sleeve patch for Generals and officers of
the Border Guard Central Administration office.$7.00

R846.Russian Border Guard sleeve patch for the Border Guard
Medical services.$6.00

R848.Russian Border Guard sleeve patch for Border Guard radio
technical units.$6.00

R858.Russian Border Guard sleeve patch for Spetsnaz
unit Barss.$6.00
R900.Russian Border Guard sleeve patch for the Far-Eastern region.$6.00

Border Guard breast patches
Russian Border Guard breast patch.$5.00


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