Iraqi Army, National Guard,
ICDC sleeve patches

Iraqi Army sleeve patches (Saddam era)

IRP7.Iraqi Armed Forces sleeve patch. $15.00

IRP4.Iraqi National Symbol sleeve patch. $15.00

irp67s.jpg (4217 bytes)

IRP67.Military police sleeve patch with arc (not pictured). $18.00

irp69s.jpg (3135 bytes)

IRP69.Iraqi Saddam era sleeve patch. $15.00

Iraqi Civil Defence Corps ( Now Obsolete )

irp79s.jpg (4035 bytes)

IRP79.ICDC sleeve patch for unit 507. $15.00

irp24s.jpg (4392 bytes)

IRP24.ICDC breast patch. $15.00

irp29s.jpg (4457 bytes)

IRP29.ICDC sleeve patch. $15.00

ia1s.jpg (2583 bytes)

IA1.Iraqi ICDC armband. $25.00

Iraqi National Guard ( Now Obsolete )

IRP11.Iraqi National Guard sleeve patch. Worn on the right sleeve or both sleeves. $15.00

irp98s.jpg (4635 bytes)

IRP98.Iraqi National Guard sleeve patch. $12.00

irp100s.jpg (4790 bytes)

IRP100.Iraqi National Guard patch. Smaller,
about 2" diameter. $6.00

Iraqi Armed Forces 36th Commando Battalion sleeve patches

IRP10.Iraqi 36th CICDC Battalion. Worn on right sleeve 2003-2005.
now obsolete. $15.00

New Iraqi Armed Forces sleeve patches

irp95s.jpg (2147 bytes)

IRP95.Iraqi Army officers breast patch on desert camouflage cloth.
"Iraqi Army Command" . $6.00

irp92s.jpg (4297 bytes)

IRP92.Joint Iraqi / Coalition Forces sleeve patch for unit 501/60. $15.00

irp88s.jpg (4198 bytes)

IRP88.Iraqi National Guards special unit sleeve patch. $15.00

irp58s.jpg (4826 bytes)

IRP58.Iraqi National Guards Special Forces. $15.00

irp34s.jpg (2947 bytes)

IRP34.Iraqi breast patch for the Armored forces. $10.00

irp35s.jpg (2938 bytes)

IRP35.Iraqi Special Forces breast patch. $12.00

irp64s.jpg (4596 bytes)

IRP64.Iraqi Special Forces sleeve patch. $15.00

irp116s.jpg (4418 bytes)

IRP116.Iraqi Special Forces sleeve patch. $15.00

irp66s.jpg (4208 bytes)

IRP66.Iraqi sleeve patch. $12.00

irp65s.jpg (4411 bytes)

IRP65.Iraqi sleeve patch. Worn by guards from the ministry of
Transportation and communication. $12.00

irp63s.jpg (3977 bytes)

IRP63.Iraqi sleeve patch. $12.00

irp101s.jpg (3098 bytes)

IRP101.Sleeve arc for the elite Iraqi Army SCORPION Brigade based in Hilla. $5.00

irp102s.jpg (3117 bytes)

IRP102.Sleeve arc for elite Iraqi Army SCORPION Brigade, in English. $5.00

irp103s.jpg (3880 bytes)

IRP103.Sleeve patch for Iraqi special unit. $15.00

irp113s.jpg (3877 bytes)

IRP113.Iraqi Commando sleeve patch. $15.00

irp114s.jpg (4643 bytes)

IRP114.Iraqi Peace Keeping forces under the
Ministry of Interior. $12.00

irp118s.jpg (2674 bytes)

IRP118.Breast patch."Force of Peace" in Arabic. $5.00
Worn with IRP114.

irp115s.jpg (3758 bytes)

IRP115.Iraqi Military Transportation forces. $12.00

Iraqi 6th Division

irp70s.jpg (2772 bytes)

IRP70.Iraqi upper sleeve patch for the elite Al Nomoor Platoon ("TIGER BRIGADE") ,
2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division. (Baghdad). $12.00

irp25s.jpg (4299 bytes)

IRP25.Sleeve patch for the elite Al Nomoor Platoon ("TIGER BRIGADE") ,
2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division. (Baghdad) $15.00

irp22s.jpg (2845 bytes)

IRP22.Iraqi breast patch "TIGER BRIGADE" , 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division.
(Baghdad) $12.00

irp22camos.jpg (2601 bytes)

IRP22CAMO.Iraqi breast patch "TIGER BRIGADE" , 2nd Brigade,
6th Iraqi Army Division. (Baghdad) $12.00

irp30s.jpg (4072 bytes)

IRP30.Iraqi 4th Brigade , 6th Iraqi Army Division. (Baghdad) sleeve patch with motto
Strength through Unity. (Also known as the Desert Lion Brigade) $15.00

Iraqi 7th Division

irp120s.jpg (3459 bytes)

IRP120.Iraqi 7th Division sleeve patch. On velcro backing. 1 of 10 new Iraqi Army
Divisions under Iraqi control. I.G.F.C. (Iraqi Ground Forces Command). $15.00

Iraqi Flag Patches

irp121s.jpg (48601 bytes)

IRP121.Iraqi NEW flag sleeve patches without stars. $12.00

IRP17.Iraqi 2004 flag sleeve patches. $15.00

irp91s.jpg (3501 bytes)

IRP91.Iraqi flag patch. old style. $12.00

irp105s.jpg (3310 bytes)

IRP105.Iraqi flag patch.1963-1991 type. Size 4 cm x 6.5 cm. $8.00

irp106s.jpg (2896 bytes)

IRP106.Iraqi flag patch.1959-1963 type. Size 4" x 2". $8.00

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