Luftwaffe Fleigerblouse

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Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse
LUFTM401.M40 pattern Luftwaffe service tunic. Worn by all members of the German air force
including pilots, paratroopers and field divisions. Made from the correct weight and color
Blue/Grey wool, they have two slash waist pockets, internal breast pocket, shoulder board loops,
hook and eye collar, acetate lining, belt hook provisions, cuff buttons and hidden button front.
Includes 1 set of insignia of your choice.Collar tabs , Shoulder boards , breast eagle. $139.95

Luftwaffe Pants

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LUFTM43PNTS.M43 pattern wool trousers for Luftwaffe troops.
Identical to the field gray trousers, except that they are made from same Blue / Grey wool
as the Fliegerbluse.

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