fb54sb.jpg (4656 bytes)

The British Sten:Manual for shooters and collectors.By
Frank Iannamico.The British Sten Manual - New expanded 2nd Edition!

This revised edition has been expanded to over 180 pages, and
includes new information and photographs. The manual covers; History,
Operation, The 1942 U.S. evaluation of the weapon, All the British models,
Suppresed Stens, Non-British copies, The German MP3008, The Chinese
7.62x25 variation and more. Also includes chapters on maintenance
and troubleshooting the Sten. Sten MKII coversions to the MKV model 
and Sterling MKIV are also covered.
Still only $14.95

fb55s.jpg (3932 bytes)

FB55.NEW Machine Gun:Buyers Guide and Owners Manual expanded
2nd edition.By Frank Iannamico.
Fact, you do not need a class III license
to own a machine gun! Get all the facts in The Machine Gun Buyers Guide,
A complete guide to civilian machine gun ownership. Buying, Selling,
Transporting, Storage, C&R, Suppressors, DD, Transfer Taxes, Value
and Pricing. DEwats and REwats, Display Guns, BATF forms, Class III
Dealers, Dealer Samples, State Laws and more.
138 pages.$14.95

fb56s.jpg (4604 bytes)

FB56.The MG 42 Machine Gun:Operation,disassembly,maintenance,
troubleshooting.96 pages,numerous illustrations.$14.95

fb82s.jpg (4664 bytes)

FB82.The US M3-3A1 Submachine Gun "Grease gun" by Frank Iannamico.
This book goes into great detail on the development, design and
history of the famous U.S. M3 and M3A1 submachine gun models.
Many never seen before photos of prototypes, rare variations and the
M3 production line at General Motors where the WWII guns were made.
Many great detailed photos and text including the 1950s Ithaca produced
M3A1s, The 9mm conversion kits, the government suppressor tests,
subcontractors and more. The most complete work on the
M3 series to date.$14.95

fb85s.jpg (5244 bytes)

FB85.The Reising Submachine Gun Story by Frank Iannamico.
At last an in depth look at the popular Reising submachine gun.
Although the weapon fared poorly in its military application, it was
very successful in its law enforcement role. The book covers all of
the various models in great detail, including the police and military
versions. Also covered is the British and Canadian testing in 1940.
Its use by the US Marines, and law enforcement agencies. There
are a lot of original documents and sales literature describing the
gun and its rare accessories. Many detailed photos of the weapons,
experimental prototypes, manuals and accessories. A must read for
submachine gun and history buffs.

fb86s.jpg (4580 bytes)

FB86.MP38-40 Operators Manual.The new MP38-MP40 Operators
manual is an English translation of an original, very rare 1940 Luftwaffe
manual. The original graphics and layout are retained. The manual
contains instructions for the German soldier on handling, maintenance,
combat use and features of the MP38 and MP40 weapons.
Very interesting reading.$6.95

l102s.jpg (3736 bytes)

                                                        COIN BOOKS
Modern Coins of South Slavic (Yugoslav) Lands
JUGOSLOVENSKIH ZAMALJA 1700-1994. (Catalog of Coins of
Yugoslavia and Yugoslav Lands, 1700-1994) by Ranko Mandic.
3rd Edition, Beograd 1995. 321 pp., illus., with prices in Deutsche
Mark. In Serbian language, Roman script. Almost out of print. $30.00

World War I Infantry.By Mirouze.66 pages,62 color photo's.
Europa Militaria series #3.$16.95



François de Lannoy
Pannewitz's Cossacks tells the full history of the Cossack units that fought in the
Wehrmacht in World War ll. Highly detailed captions accompany a spectacular
collection of some 300 photographs, nearly all of which have never been seen before.

9 x 12, 288 pages, over 300 b/w photo's, 32 pages of full color uniform studies
maps and charts. $49.95

cossack-book.jpg (4753 bytes)

This book examines the uniforms and badges of an almost forgotten group of soldiers
– Don, Kuban, Terek and Siberian Cossack units that fought with the German Wehrmacht
during World War II. With the cooperation of former members of many Cossack units the authors
have collected a great deal of material – much of the information I this book appears in print here
for the first time. Among the subjects covered are: Cossacks in the Imperial Russian Army; the
uniforms and badges of the Cossacks in the Wehrmacht in World War II, including collar insignia,
Cossack headgear, sleeve badges (arm shields), Cossack qualification badges, decorations
awarded to Cossacks; flags and command symbols of the Cossack units.

Size: 8 1/2" x 11" , llustrations: over 420 b/w and color photographs, Pages: 160 pages. $49.95

bp13s.jpg (5168 bytes)

BP13.Foreign Legions of the Third Reich Volume 3
By David Littlejohn
This volume continues the tradition of quality with its in depth coverage
of the history, uniforms, insignia, decorations, and flags of foreign forces
fighting with Germany in WWII. The collaborating political parties in
Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland, Bohemia-Moravia, Slovakia), Greece,
Hungary, and Yugoslavia (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia) are also detailed
in text and illustrations. In addition, an updated addendum for the first two
volumes of the series is included.

bp14s.jpg (4952 bytes)

BP14.Foreign Legions of the Third Reich Volume 4 By David Littlejohn
In this final volume, Eastern Europe and the Baltic States are covered in depth.
The countries included are Poland, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Free India,
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Russia. Their history, uniforms,
insignia, decorations, and flags are detailed.

SP41.Forgotten Legions: Obscure Combat Formations of the
Waffen SS,1943-1945 by Antonio J.Munoz.424 pages,104 photos,
64 maps,hardcover.$58.00

SP42.Forgotten Legions Booklet by Antonio J.Munoz.45+ pages.
Additional photos and data that surfaced after publication of
Forgotten Legions.$17.00

SP48.Hitlers Eastern Legions,Vol.1: The Baltic Schutzmannschaft by
Antonio J.Munoz.96 pages,14 uniform plates.$21.00

SP49.Hitlers Eastern Legions Vol.2: The Osttruppen by Antonio J.Munoz.
52 pages,13 photos,5 uniform plates,4 maps.$24.00

SP50.Eastern Troops in Zeeland,the Netherlands,1943-1945 by
Hans Houterman.102 pages,softcover.$28.00

SP51.Russian Volunteers in Hitlers Army,1941-1945 by Wladyslaw Anders.
60 pages,softcover.Entire history of Vlasov and the R.O.A.,numerous
rare photos.$13.00

OSPREY147.Forign Volunteers of the Wehrmacht 1941-45.$14.95

SRUB68.Ukrainian language book on the Ukrainian Liberation Army.
180 pages,6 x 8 hardcover,some b/w photos.$10.00

srub76s.jpg (4588 bytes)

SRUB76."Russian Liberation Army in W.W.2".Moscow 1998.Hard cover.
43 pages.Color illustrations,Russian text. SOLD OUT


sp94.jpg (3948 bytes)

SP94.Uniforms of the Waffen-SS:Volume 1 covers: Black Service Uniform,
LAH Guard Uniform, SS Earth-Grey Service Uniform, Model 1936 Field Service
Uniform, 1939-1940, 1941.Size: 9" x 12" Illustrations: over 500 color,
and black and white photos
. $79.95
sp96.jpg (3792 bytes) SP96.Uniforms of the Waffen-SS:Volume 2 covers: 1942, 1943, 1944-1945,
Ski Uniforms, Overcoats, White Service Uniforms, Tropical Clothing.
Size: 9" x 12" Illustrations: over 500 color, and black and white photos
Pages: 272 pages. $79.95
sp95.jpg (4364 bytes) SP95.Uniforms of the Waffen-SS:Volume 3 covers: Sports and Drill Uniforms,
Black Panzer Uniform, Camouflage, Concentration Camp Personnel, SD, SS
Female Auxiliaries.Size: 9" x 12" Illustrations: over 500 color, and black and white photos
Pages: 272 pages. $79.95

mb92.jpg (4392 bytes)

MB92.Waffen SS Uniforms and Insignia by Wade Krawczyk & Peter v Lukacs.
Covering a wide range of the uniforms and personal equipment of the
Waffen SS during World War II, this is an invaluable book for military
historians, modelers and collectors. Peaked and soft caps, helmets and
camouflage jackets, insignia and miscellaneous items such as belt buckles,
shoulder straps, and documentation are included. Among the rare items of
equipment are named articles from SS generals and colonels. Hdbd.,
7 1/2 x 9 1/2, 128 pgs., 200 color ill. $39.95

sp22s.jpg (4756 bytes)

SP22.SS Uniforms,Insignia, & Accoutrements:A study in Photographs
by A.Hayes.248 pages,over 800 color and B/W photo's,8 1/2 x 11",

sp33s.jpg (5008 bytes)

SP33.Waffen SS Uniforms in color photographs by Steven & Amodio.
Europa Militaria series # 6. 66 pages,150 color photo's.$16.95

sp34s.jpg (4508 bytes)

SP34.Waffen SS Camouflage Uniforms & Post War Derivitives by
Daniel Peterson.Europa Militaria series # 18. 64 pages,
124 color photo's.$16.95

MB61.Uniforms of the SS: Six volumes in one by Mollo & Taylor.
10 1/2 x 8" softbound.535 pages.$75.00

OSPREY266.The Allgemeine SS. $14.95


sp35s.jpg (4800 bytes)

SP35.Wehrmacht Camouflage uniforms and Post War Derivitives by
Daniel Peterson.Europa Militaria series # 17.64 pages,
124 color photos.$16.95

MB59.German Army Uniforms of World War II in color photographs by
Krawczyk.128 pages,230 color photos.8 1/2 x 12" hardbound.$39.95

OSPREY326.The German Army 1939-45 (3). $14.95
OSPREY336.The German Army 1939-45 (5). $14.95
OSPREY254.Wehrmacht Auxiliary Forces. $14.95


bp79s.jpg (5448 bytes)

BP79.Uniforms and Traditions of The Luftwaffe Volume 3
by John R. Angolia & Adolf Schlicht
This volume concludes the highly-acclaimed Luftwaffe series. It includes
hundreds of introduction orders and photographs of the following subjects:
Luftwaffe Field Divisions, Make and Female Auxiliaries, Miscellaneous
and Individual Equipment, Special Garments and Equipment of Flying
Personnel, Small Unit Weapons, Luftwaffe Colors, Personal and
Command Flags, Bands and Fife and Drum Corps, Licence Plates
and Colors of Motor Vehicles, and Military Abbreviations.

592 pages,over 1,000 photo's/illustrations, deluxe binding. OUT OF PRINT

385s.jpg (4501 bytes)

OSP385.The Hermann Goring Division. $14.95

OSPREY229.Luftwaffe Field Divisions 1941-45. $14.95
OSPREY139.German Airborne Troops 1939-45. $14.95


OSPREY213.German Military Police units 1939-45. $14.95

SP53.The German Police.442 pages,dozens of maps,photos,
line drawings,etc.$42.00


bp8s.jpg (5180 bytes)

In the Service of the Reich
Diplomatic & Government Officials/German Red Cross
By John R. Angolia
The first part of this book unravels the complexities of the uniforms
and organization of the German Diplomatic and Government Officials.
Various career levels are reflected by their piping, belts, insignia, etc.
The second part details the uniforms, insignia, belt buckles, sidearms,
awards plus flags and pennants of the German Red Cross. The
specifics are based on the 1935 and 1938 regulations.
368 pages,750
photo's, illustrations.deluxe binding.$44.95


bp15.jpg (5240 bytes)

BP15.Uniforms, Organization, and History of the NSKK/NSFK
By John R. Angolia & David Littlejohn
This work is part of the on-going study of political organizations that formed
the structure of the Hitler hierarchy, and is authored by two of the most
prominent authorities on the subject of uniforms and insignia of the
Third Reich. This comprehensive book covers details on the NSKK
and NSFK such as history, organization, uniforms, insignia, special
insignia, flags and standards, gorgets, daggers, awards, "day badges,"
and much more!
.464 pages,1,100 photo's and illustrations,deluxe binding.



bp20s.jpg (4996 bytes)

BP20.philately of the Third Reich:Postage & Propaganda by Alf Harper.
356 pages,1,800 photo's and illustrations,8 1/2 x 11".

bp19s.jpg (5568 bytes)

Postcards of Hitler's Germany Volume 2
By Roger James Bender
This second volume continues the in-depth study of Third Reich era
postcards. The highly productive years of 1937-1939 are covered in
three basic postcard categories: Official issues, "printed to private
order" for special events, and propaganda. As with Volume 1, all known
variations are illustrated, plus special stamps and cancellations. This
collector-fiendly book contains hundreds of full-color postcards.
Postcards are historical, attractive, and one of the last reasonably
priced Third Reich them and buy them before they
are out of the working man's reach. This series will be your guide.

360 pages,over 1,200 photo's/illustrations,deluxe binding.$54.95

bp18s.jpg (5512 bytes)

Postcards of Hitler's Germany Volume 1
By Roger James Bender
A ten year study of Third Reich era postcards has resulted in a multiple
volume series of which this is volume 1, covering the years 1923-1936.
Three basic categories of postcards are chronologically covered: official
issue, "printed to private order" for special events, and propaganda.
These corful images depict a complex latticework of German culture
and society. The basic cards are not only pictured, but all known variants
are also listed or illustrated.
368 pages,1,078 photo's (hundreds in color),
deluxe binding.$54.95


uniformsofthensdaps.jpg (3694 bytes)

SP100.Uniforms of the NSDAP by Jeff Clark.
8 1/2 x 11, 288 pages, 500 color/BW photographs.
Book Description

This book is the first in depth published work in over twenty years on Third Reich Political Leaders uniforms and their regalia. Some of the finest items in the collecting community – uniforms, insignia, headgear, flags, banners and other items – have been assembled in this large format, all-color book. This book also explains the complicated levels and rank system so that the hobbyist can avoid the many pitfalls when adding these items to their collection. Period source material has been researched and translated here for the first time. Many high-level personality collectibles are pictured here for the first time ever, having been in private collections since 1945. This one of a kind book is a must have for any serious Third Reich collector.  $79.95

VKDP2.Uniformen der Deutschen Wehrmacht einschließlich
Ausrüstung und Seitenwaffen

Reprint of the 1939-1940 uniform manual. Covers Heer, Luftwaffe, Kreigsmarine.
212 pages, many drawings and color illustrations, German text. $64.95

sp25s.jpg (4460 bytes)

SP25. Uniforms of the Third Reich:A Study in Photographs by
Arthur Hayes & Jon Maguire.200 pages,over 400 color photo's,
9x12" hardcover.$69.95

bp90s.jpg (5268 bytes)

BP90.German Military Cuffbands 1784 to Present
By Gordon Williamson & Thomas McGuirl
This single volume provides the collector, uniformologist and military
historian with an in-depth reference work covering every known German
military cuffband worn from 1784 to present. A careful twining of history,
unit involvement, and descriptive text will give the reader a firm grasp of the
purpose and use of each cuffband and its historical context. Many never
before published photographs of the bands in wear are an added bonus.
Cuffbands of the following formations are detailed: The Hanoverian Army,
Freikorps, Heer, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine, Waffen-SS/SS-VT,
Bundeswehr and the Nationale Volksarmee der DDR. Price: $44.95

MB62.World War II Infantry by Mirouze.64 pages,62 color photos.
Europa Militaria series # 2.$16.95

393s.jpg (4286 bytes) OSP393.World War II German Women's Auxiliary Services. $14.95

OSP365.World War II German Battle Insignia. $14.95


VKDP3.Das Scharfschützenabzeichen der Wehrmacht
Mit zunehmender Kriegsdauer gewannen die Scharfschützen, auf beiden Seiten
der Front, an zunehmender Bedeutung. In der Wehrmacht wurden erfolgreiche
Scharfschützen mit einem besonderen Abzeichen ausgezeichnet. Seine Geschichte
und vor allem die notwendigen Qualifikationen der hierfür eingesetzten Soldaten werden
sachkundig erläutert, unter Verwendung zahlreichen Fotos und Faksimile-Abbildungen.

120 pages, German text. $23.95

VKDP4.Das Bandenkampfabzeichen 1944 – 1945
Eine der brutalsten Kampfformen im 2. Weltkrieg waren die Gefechte zwischen
Partisanen und der Wehrmacht. Für die entsprechend eingesetzten deutschen Soldaten
gab es ein besonderes Ehrenzeichen. Seine Geschichte und Verleihungsbedingungen
werden unter Verwendung zahlreicher Fotos ausführlich erläutert. Ein Schwerpunkt ist die
in dieser Vollständigkeit noch nie veröffentlichte Vielfalt verschiedener Herstellervarianten,
auch von Kopien! Auch das Abzeichen mit Brillanten wird dokumentiert. Zahlreiche Fehler in
den Nachkriegsveröffentlichungen werden aufgedeckt.
111 pages, German text. Includes color photos of the originals and reproductions. SOON

VKDP6.Der SS-Totenkopfring. Seine illustrierte Geschichte 1933-1945
Dieser mit Heilszeichen und dem SS-Totenkopf verzierte Ring ist eine Schöpfung des
Reichsführer-SS. Gemäß der Willensmeinung von Heinrich Himmler sollte der Ring Zeichen
einer „erprobten Gemeinschaft der Treue zum Führer und seiner Weltanschauung“ sein.
Es sind nicht nur die einschlägigen Erlasse und eine Erläuterung der verwendeten Symbole
enthalten, sondern der gesamte historische Hintergrund dokumentiert. Alle noch vorhandenen
Akten wurden ausgewertet. Ausführliche Beschreibung von Ring und Urkunde, auch von neuzeitlichen
Fälschungen. Namenliste von ca. 7.000 Beliehenen. Wichtige Detailstudie zur Ideologie der SS.
Es ist bereits die erweiterte 4. Auflage.
248 pages, German text. $32.95

VKDP7.Zivilabzeichen der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1934-1945
Ein Charakteristikum des Dritten Reiches war die Verwendung vielfältiger Abzeichen
und Embleme. Diese Dokumentation erläutert die Verwendung von Zivilabzeichen für
ausgesprochene Uniformträger, nämlich der Wehrmachtangehörigen. Einige Stichworte
zu den enthaltenen Abzeichen: Heimatflak, Offiziersbewerber, Wehrmachtgefolge,
Flugmeldedienst, Zivilangestellte und -arbeiter von Wehrmacht und Waffen-SS,
Dienstnadeln und -broschen der Wehrmachthelferinnen. Ausführliche Quellennachweise.
Die verschiedenen Abzeichen und ihre Trageweise werden mittels seltener Fotos illustriert.
72 pages, German text, 59 photos. $11.95


VKDP5.Ausweisdokumente der Deutschen Polizei 1936-1945
Unter den spezifischen Bedingungen des Dritten Reiches erreichte die Polizei ihre größte Ausdehnung.
Dies fand seinen Niederschlag natürlich auch in den zahlreichen Ausweispapieren. Die verschiedenen
Dokumente, wie Dienst- und Hausausweise von Ordnungspolizei, Feuerwehr, Geheime Staatspolizei,
außerdem Soldbücher, Wehrpässe, Landwacht-Ausweise, usw., werden ausführlich erläutert und
durch Fotos illustriert.
80 pages, 40 fotos. $11.95

VKDP8.Die Hitlerjugend im Spiegel ihrer Dokumente 1932-1945
Die Hitlerjugend war zu ihrer Zeit die wohl stärkste und am besten organisierte
Jugendorganisation der Welt. Ihre vielfältigen Aktivitäten und die Einbindung in den
NS-Staat wird anhand erhalten gebliebener Urkunden belegt. In jeweils ganzseitigen
Abbildungen werden Ausweise, Schießbücher, Lehrgangsbescheinigungen,
Verleihungsurkunden, HJ-Sparbücher, Einberufungen, usw., dokumentiert.

95 pages, German text, many photos. $12.95


bp12s.jpg (5068 bytes)

BP93.Deutschland Erwache
The History and Development of the Nazi Party and the "Germany Awake"
Standards By Ulric of England
Nothing illustrates the pageantry demonstrated during the Third Reich period
more vividly than the massed formations of "Deutschland Erwache" Standards.
The author has researched this era for over 10 years and offers to you, the
historian and collector, his in-depth findings on the early Nazi Party, its national
heroes and the evolution of its flags and standards. From the first home-made
swastika flag in 1920 to the symbology of the "Deutschland Erwache" Standards,
all details of design construction and usage are presented.

OSPREY270.Flags of the Third Reich (1). $14.95
OSPREY278.Flags of the Third Reich (3). $14.95


sp28s.jpg (5148 bytes)

SP28.Galicia Division:The Waffen SS 14th Grenadier Division
1943-1945 by Michael O.Logusz.592 pages,over 50 b/w photo's.
6x9 hardcover.$35.00

sp30.jpg (3528 bytes)

SP30.Comrades to the End: The 4th SS Panzer-Grenadier Regiment
Der Fuhrer 1938-45.The History of a German-Austrian fighting unit by
Otto Weidinger(former D.F. unit commander).384 pages,over
70 b/w photo's,30 maps,6x9 hardcover.$39.95

sp29s.jpg (3988 bytes)

SP29.The Last Knight of Flanders:Remy Schrijnen and his SS legion
Flandern/Sturmbrigade Langemarck comrades on the Eastern Front
1941-1945 by Allen Brandt.272 pages,over 110 b/w photo's,
line illustrations,maps.6x9 hardcover.$29.95

sp79s.jpg (4608 bytes)

SP79.The Cavalry of the Wehrmacht 1941-1945.Klaus Christian Richter.
This new book is a detailed study of one of the lesser known aspects of
the German Whermacht in World War 2.Covered are the variety of
unit types,equipment,insignia,training,and operations.Size 7" x 10"
over 300 b/w photographs,208 pages. $29.95

sp73s.jpg (4324 bytes)

SP73.The Cruel Hunters: SS Sonderkommando Dirlewanger, Hitlers
most Notorious Anti-Partisan unit by French L.Maclean.336 pages,
over 50 b/w photographs,maps 6 x 9 hardcover.$29.95

SP43.The Kaminski Brigade: A History 1941-1945 by Antonio J.Munoz.
64 pages,18 battle maps,4 tables,31 photos.softcover.$20.00

SP44.Lions of the Desert: Arab Volunteers in the German Army
by Antonio J.Munoz.36 pages,21 photos.Softcover.$18.00


sp81s.jpg (5008 bytes)

SP81.Assault on Moscow 1941: The Offensive,The Battle,The Set Back.
Werner Haupt.Detailed unit operations and individual accounts make for
absorbing reading,and a rare chance for the reader to examine an early,
yet very important,Russian front battle.Size 6" x 9",over 140 b/w photos,

304 pages. $35.00

073s.jpg (4469 bytes)

OSP073.Tito's Partisans 1941-45. $16.95


bp1s.jpg (5008 bytes)

BP1.Gestapo Chief:The 1948 interrogation of Henrich Muller Vol.1.
288 pages,over 100 photo's,deluxe binding.$35.95

Slovenian Axis Forces in World War II, 1941-1945 by
Antonio J.Munoz.84 pages,165 photos,35 tables,maps,line drawings.

SP46.For Croatia & Christ: The Croation Army in World War II,1941-1945 by
Antonio J.Munoz.80 pages,many photos.$20.00

SP47.The Hungarian Army & its Military Leadership in World War II by
Andris Kursietis.62 pages,50 photos,3 maps.Softcover.$18.00

SP52.Hrvatski Orlovi: Paratroopers of the Independent State of Croatia,
1942-45 by Josip Novak & David Spencer.70 pages,30 photos,
color uniform plate.Hardcover.$22.00

OSPREY246.The Romanian Army of World War II. $14.95
OSPREY131.Germany's Eastern Front Allies 1941-1945.

mb71s.jpg (4704 bytes)

MB71.Germany's First Ally: Armed Forces of the Slovak State 1939-1945 by
Charles K.Kliment & Bretislav Nakladal.208 pages,over 250 photographs,
maps,color plates.8 1/2 x 11" hardcover.$39.95


mb83s.jpg (4008 bytes)

MB83.Handbook on Japanese Military Forces.U.S.War Department.
In 1944 the U.S.Army published this manual for its officers in the Pacific
theater.Contains sections on Japanese special forces,the military police,
uniforms and insignia.Softbound.7 1/4 x 10 1/4.403 pages.300+ b&w
illustrations,94 color.$24.95

SP100.Uniforms and Equipment of the Imperial Japanese Army
Among the major powers of World War II, the uniforms and equipment of the Japanese army
have received the least coverage. This new, detailed volume presents the subject with a
superb collection of actual vintage items, and rarely seen World War II era photographs.
Among the subjects covered are: the Imperial Japanese army uniform series; undergarments;
footwear; headwear; personal field equipment; extreme climate uniforms; work and specialty
uniforms; soldierÕs personal items; and firearms. A short chapter examines reproductions.
8 1/2 X 11, 288 pages, over 520 color and b/w photographs. $59.95

OSPREY362.The Japanese Army 1931-45 (1). $14.95
OSPREY369.The Japanese Army 1931-45 (2). $14.95


BTP1.Handbook on Italian Military Forces 1943.
Summary: Originally published as TME 30-420, this intelligence handbook is
a comprehensive review of the Italian Army and its Fascist Militia units during World War II.
There are chapters on: recruitment, pay and training; organization of the different arms of
service; the services of supply and transportation; armament and equipment; and tactics
and combat doctrine. The 10 uniform plates are in color. $59.95

mb82s.jpg (4432 bytes)

MB82.Mussolini's Soldiers.Personal recollections and first-hand
accounts by former Italian soldiers and officers combine to deliver
this authorative study. Detailed chapters fully document military doctrine and organization,combat, uniforms,small arms,edged weapons,and field
equipment.Hardbound. 8" x 11 1/4",167 pages,124 b&w illustrations,
119 color.$29.95

OSPREY340.The Italian Army 1940-45 volume 1.Europe 1940-43.$14.95
0SPREY349.The Italian Army 1940-45 volume 2,Africa 1940-43.$14.95
0SPREY353.The Italian Army 1940-45 volume 3, Italy 1943-45.$14.95


Mansur Abdulin fought in the front ranks of the Soviet infantry against the German invaders
at Stalingrad, Kursk and on the banks of the Dnieper. This is his extraordinary story.

His vivid inside view of a ruthless war on the Eastern Front gives a rare insight into the reality
of the fighting and into the tactics and mentality of the Red Army's soldiers. In his own words,
and with a remarkable clarity of recall, he describes what combat was like on the ground,
face to face with a skilled, deadly and increasingly desperate enemy. The terrifying moments
of action, the discomfort of existence at the front, the humorous moments, the absurdities and
cruelties of army organization, and the sheer physical and psychological harshness of the
campaign - all these aspects of a Soviet soldier's experience during the Great Patriotic War are
brought dramatically to life in Mansur Abdulin's memoirs.
Of special interest is the insight he offers into ordinary operations and daily life in the lower ranks
of the Soviet army. As he tells his story he reveals much about the thinking of the men, their attitude
to the war and their loyalties. He also sheds light on the tense relationships between the disparate
national groups that were thrown together to create a huge fighting force. But most memorable
are his honest, horrifying descriptions of combat, of being bombed and shelled, of trench warfare,
of enduring tank attacks and friendly fire, and of coping with the wounded and the dead. The Author
Mansur Gizzatulovich Abdulin was born a Tatar in Anzhero-Sudzhensk, near Tomsk in central Siberia,
in 1923. He worked as a miner before volunteering to fight for the Red Army in June 1942. After
completing his course at the Tashkent infantry school, he fought on the Stalingrad front, during the
encirclement of the German 6th Army, participated in the bitter, decisive battle at Kursk and harried
the Germans as they retreated across the Steppes to the banks of the Dnieper river where he was
seriously wounded. After the war he returned to his work as a miner and he now lives in retirement at
Novotroitsk near Orenburg in the Urals. 6¼ x 9¼
, 224 pages, 50 B/W Illustrations. $32.99

This is a compilation from three separate very rare handbooks on the Russian Army.
The first section is ' NOTES ON THE RED ARMY 1940 ', covers the history of the Red Army
since WW 1, then chapters on Russian military geography, manpower, organization & strength
of various Russian formations, administration, commands & staff, plus detailed reviews of each
type of formation ( Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineer, Chemical, Signal, and Police/Internal Security ).
There is also a chapter on uniforms, badges of rank and orders & decorations.
The 2nd & 3rd sections are updates necessitated by the German invasion of 1941,
This covers the Red Army for the early Russo-Finnish War of 1939-40,
the seizure of the Baltic States in 1940 and the first two years of the Russo-German War. $49.95

090s.jpg (4044 bytes)

OSP090.Heroines of the Soviet Union 1941-45. $16.95
  MB87.Soviet Uniforms & Militaria 1917-1991 in colour photographs by
Laszlo Bekesi and Gyorgy Torok.144 pages,large format. SOLD OUT

sp89s.jpg (3940 bytes)

SP89.Uniforms of Imperial & Soviet Russia in Color. As Illustrated
by Herbert Knötel, Jr 1907-1946.Size 9" x 12",200 pages,190 color
paintings.The images in this volume are from the Anne S. K. Brown
Military Collection at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.
The first one hundred images illustrate uniforms of the Russian Army
from 1907-1920. Herbert Knötel's Berlin grouping consists of forty-five
images done on the post-World War II scene, and includes those
contracted for by the Military Intelligence Section, G-2, Berlin command
in 1945. Officially known as "Series A," they were used to educate
United States and Allied military personnel on the various elements of the
Soviet Army. The final fifty images covers Russian/Soviet uniforms from
1921-1946 with emphasis on the post-war era. All of the images in this
book appear here for the first time. $49.95

OSP216.The Red Army of the Great Patriotic War 1939-45. SOLD OUT

sp72s.jpg (4328 bytes)

SP72.Uniforms of the Soviet Union David Webster &
Chris Nelson.288 pages,over 500 color and b/w photographs.
9 1/2 x 12"hardcover.$69.95

srub91s.jpg (4056 bytes)

SRUB91.Military Uniforms of the Armed Forces of the USSR and
Russia 1917-Present. 446 pages, Russian text. Loaded with
illustrations. $45.00

9780764335228s.jpg (49389 bytes)

SP101. Imperial Russian Field Uniforms and Equipment 1907-1917
This book provides a detailed look into the wide range of uniforms, weapons, and field equipment used by the Imperial Russian Army between 1907 and 1917. Information on Russian uniforms and equipment is scarce, and many valuable sources are only available in Russian or other foreign languages. This book sheds light on the many interesting Russian field uniforms and items of equipment that were in use during the First World War, items which are rarely found today. With over 800 rare period photographs and superb color photos of items out of private and museum collections, the author presents a broad range of artifacts, together with a full and to the point description. This book is aimed towards the novice and advanced Russian World War I collector and enthusiast, military history student, modeler, researcher and re-enactor. $89.95


bprh1s.jpg (4394 bytes)

BP144.RUSSIAN HELMETS - from Kaska to Stalshlyem 1916 - 2001
128 pages -161 photos (most in color) -deluxe binding.Price: $34.95

sp23s.jpg (4800 bytes)

SP23.Camouflage Uniforms of the Soviet Union and Russia
1937- to the Present
by Dennis Desmond.160 pages,over
200 color photos,8 1/2 x 11"Hardcover.$45.00

sp24s.jpg (5116 bytes)

SP24.Mig Pilot Survival: Russian Aircrew Survival Equipment and
Instruction by Alan R.Wise.96 pages,over 180 color photos and line
drawings,8 1/2 x 11"hardcover.$19.95

srub79s.jpg (4256 bytes)

SRUB79.Soviet Military Uniform Regulations.Excellent reference book
on late issue Soviet uniforms and insignia by the Ministry of Defense of
the USSR.239 pages,hardcover.Many color Illustrations

srub78s.jpg (5240 bytes)

SRUB78."Soviet Arm Badges 1920-91"Softcover.$20.00 SOLD OUT

srub80s.jpg (3664 bytes)

SRUB80.Medals of the USSR.Russian/English book on Soviet Medals.
300 pages with photos of medals,their variations,and ribbon bars.
Excellent reference book. SOLD OUT


VKDP1.Kopfbedeckungen militärisch uniformierter Organisationen in Europa.
Deutsche Demokratische Republik (SBZ / DDR) 1945-1990

Hard cover, Large format 21 x 30 cm, 255 pages, 600 color photos, 30 illustrations.
Excellent book on East German headgear. German text. $71.95


srub75s.jpg (3504 bytes)

SRUB75."Awards of New Russia"Fully illustrated in color.110 pages,
hard cover.Large format.Russian text.1997.Current Russian medals
and orders. $25.00

srub77s.jpg (3160 bytes)

SRUB77."Russian Awards From the 17th to the beginning of the 20th
Century" by V.A. Dourov.Moscow 1997.Russian text,160 pages,
many color photos.$25.00

SP99.Uniforms & Equipment of the Czarist Russian Armed Forces in World War I
Spencer Coil examines the uniforms and equipment used by the multiethnic Czarist Russian
Forces during the turbulent reign of Czar Nicholas II. In addition to a remarkable selection of
studio photos, stunning candid photos of front-oviki, or frontline troops, offer an authentic
view of trench and battlefield life. Each photo has been carefully chosen and researched to
offer the reader detailed information on the medical, motor, naval and air service branches
as well as artillery, machinegun, pioneer, infantry, cavalry, and guard troops. There are chapters
covering Cossacks, Caucasian irregulars, POWs, St. George Cross recipients and Czar Nicholas II.
A full color section of heretofore unpublished photos of original headdress, equipment and
accessories used by the armed forces provides valuable information on materials, markings,
stamps and construction. This work is an outstanding and indispensable resource for all historians,
collectors, re-enactors, war gamers, model builders and Czarist Russia enthusiasts.
9 X 12, 384 pages, over 600 b/w and color photographs. $69.95


srub88s.jpg (4388 bytes)

SRUB88.Catalog of Ukrainian patches 1992-1999.The Catalogue
demonstrates the sleeve insignia developed in the Armed Forces and
other military formations of Ukraine during 1992-1999. The sleeve insignia
represented are classified as follows: Combined Arms Insignia, sleeve
insignia of the military and units of Ground Troops, sleeve insignia of the
military of Air Forces and Air Defence, sleeve insignia of the Navy, sleeve
insignia of military education institutions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
There are represented also the sleeve insignia of the National Guard of
Ukraine, Frontier and Internal Corps. $29.95

ub66s.jpg (3936 bytes)

UB66.Ukrainian Military Medals. 1st edition. 50 pages,many color photos.

ukb101s.jpg (2590 bytes)

UKB101.Ukrainian Military Medals.2nd revised edition. 63 pages,many color photos.
softcover. English language version. Covers medals and insignia issued from 1919
through WW2 and veterans organizations after.$15.00

ukb102s.jpg (2731 bytes)

UKB102.Ukrainian Military Medals.2nd revised edition. 63 pages,many color photos.
softcover. Ukrainian language version. Covers medals and insignia issued from 1919
through WW2 and veterans organizations after.$15.00


sp88s.jpg (4408 bytes)

SP88.Camouflage Uniforms of European and NATO Armies 1945
to the present by J.F.Borsarello.114 pages,8 1/2 x 11" softcover.$29.95

SP98.Camouflage Uniforms of Asian and Middle Eastern Armies.
J.F.Borsarello and Werner Palinckx.144 pages,softcover. $29.95

German Uniforms of the 20th Century Vol.1 the Panzer Troops
1917-to the Present by Jorg M.Hormann.126 pages,over 200 photos,
6x9 hardcover.$24.95

SP27.German Uniforms of the 20th Century Vol.2 the Infantry 1919-to
the present
by Jorg M.Hormann.126 pages,over 200 photos,
6x9 hardcover.$24.95

SP36.82nd Airborne Division in Color Photographs by Verier.Europa
Militaria series # 9. 66 pages,93 color photos.$16.95

sp37s.jpg (4440 bytes)

SP37.Britains Modern Army by Gander.192 pages,180 b/w,
8 color photos.7 1/4 x 9 1/2 hardcover.$44.95

SP38.IFOR: Allied Forces in Bosnia by Carl Schulze.Europa Militaria
series # 22.64 pages,111 color photos,softbound.$16.95

SP39.Paratroopers of the French Forign Legion by Simpson.224 pages,
40 b/w photos,6 x 9 hardbound.$26.95

SP40.USMC in Color Photographs by Debay.Europa Militaria series # 5.
66 pages,93 color photos,softbound.$16.95

MB57.The French Forign Legion Today,Vol.1 by Debay.64 pages,
74 color photos,softbound.Europa Militaria series #10. $16.95

MB64.The Guards: The British Army's Household Division by Dunstan.
64 pages,120 color photos.Europa Militaria series # 20. $16.95

MB65.The Royal Marines in the 90's by Evans.64 pages,120 color photos.
Europa Militaria series #21. $16.95

MB70.Operation Desert Shield: The First 90 Days by Eric Micheletti
& Yves Debay.66 pages,over 90 photos.
Europa Militaria series #7. $15.95

CP1036.Poland's Armed Forces '90's. Concord Publications. $9.98

CP1030.War In Angola. Concord Publications. $9.98

L101 - A Book on Czechoslovakian orders, medals and decorations:
A CENI by Vladivoj Pulec, Prague 1980.  Good Xerox copy, bounded.
183 pp. of text + 53 pp. with b&w illustrations. $20.00


nkmdbks.jpg (52952 bytes)


by COL William A. Boik, USAR, Ret. Hardcover with dust jacket.
11" x 8.5", having 120 pages illustrated with over 300 color photos
showing all North Korean awards. $37.95


chbs.jpg (4406 bytes)

CHB.China 100 years. Excellent book. Covers uniforms and insignia from the KMT
period through current times.Covers military as well as police. Loaded with illustrations.
Chinese text. 455 pages. 7.5" x 10.5" . $45.00


crbk1s.jpg (3996 bytes)

CRBK1.HRVATSKO RATNO ZNAKOVLJE - 3 volume set books about
Croatian army patches. Books are hard bounded, large format (A4) full
colored and each has about 250 pages. -Book I, 210 pages, color photos

and descriptions of more than 600 patches in original size, Croatian language.
- Book II - hard covered, large format A4, 258 pages, color photos and
descriptions of more than 800 patches in original size. Croatian language.
- Book III - as above. Croatian language. SOLD OUT

CRBK1A.Book 1. $89.95
CRBK1B.Book 2. $79.95

- BOSANSKO BOJISTE I RAT (Amerikanci na Balkanu 1992-1997) -
BOSNIAN WAR FIELD AND THE WAR (Americans in the Balkans 1992 1997)
by Dragan Dzamic.Belgrade 1998. 162 pp., illus. In Serbian, Cyrillic script,
soft cover.Out of print. Only one copy available.$35.00

L173 - An Exhibition Catalog "ENT HOL 98" - The General Staff of the Army of
Yugoslavia by General Colonel Radomir Martinovich (with his photo), Belgrade
1998. 32 pp., all illus. in color. Including the Permanent Exhibition of the
INSIGNIA OF THE ARMY OF YUGOSLAVIA".An unusual but useful publication.


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