gm55s.jpg (3742 bytes)

GM55.MDI medal for 20 years service. $15.00

gm51s.jpg (4084 bytes)

GM51.MDI medal for 25 years service. $15.00

gm56s.jpg (3791 bytes)

GM56.MDI medal for 30 years service. $15.00

gm52s.jpg (3426 bytes)

GM52.MDI medal for 5 years service. $12.00

gm53s.jpg (3506 bytes)

GM53.MDI medal for 10 years service. $12.00

gm54s.jpg (3634 bytes)

GM54.MDI medal for 15 years service. $12.00

gm57s.jpg (3868 bytes)

GM57.NVA fur Treue Dienste medal (Bronze)  $40.00

gm58s.jpg (3435 bytes)

GM58.MDI medal.Ausgezeichnete Leistungen. $12.00

gm59s.jpg (4048 bytes)

GM59.MDI Merit medal. $12.00

gm60s.jpg (3880 bytes)

GM60.Medal.Ausgezeichnete Leistungen der Kampfgruppen. $12.00

gm21s.jpg (3709 bytes)

GM21.Gold "Fur Treue Dienste" medal (red ribbon with three white stripes)                
(ribbon bar included)(cased)  $18.00

gm2s.jpg (3967 bytes)

GM2.Silver kampfgruppen shooting badge (Pinback) $5.00

gm3s.jpg (3217 bytes)

gm3bs.jpg (3063 bytes)

GM3.Bronze "Fur Treue Dienste" medal (Reverse has national emblem)               
(red ribbon with one white stripe, also comes with ribbon bar) $8.00
GM19.Bronze "Fur Treue Dienste" medal (same as GM3 but cased) $10.00

gm61s.jpg (3200 bytes)

GM61.MDI officer school badge. $12.00

GM 6 - Paratrooper stickpin  $15.00
GM7.East German officer school badge.$12.00

gm14s.jpg (2878 bytes)

GM14.Air Force Reservists pin (cased)  $15.00 
GM17.Air Force Reservists pin (without case)  $11.00

gm15s.jpg (2696 bytes)

GM15.Infantry Reservists pin (cased) $12.00
GM16.Infantry Reservists pin (without case)  $8.00

gm23s.jpg (3221 bytes)

GM23C.Army Reservist medal (Silver, cased)  $14.00
GM23WO.Army silver reservists medal without case. $12.00

gm22s.jpg (3342 bytes)

GM22.Army Reservists medal (Bronze, cased)  $12.00

GM25 - Army Reservists medal (Gold, without case) $15.00
GM26 - Army Reservists medal (Bronze, without case)  $8.00

GM27 - Air Force Quality star (red enamel star on gold stickpin)  $25.00
GM28 - Army Reservists pins (Silver stickpin) $15.00

GM29 - Bronze "Fur Verdienste in der Sozialistischen Wehrerziehung"
pins $15.00

gm31s.jpg (3988 bytes)

GM31.DDR Sports badges (Bronze pinback lightweight medal) $3.00

gm49s.jpg (4158 bytes)

GM49.DDR Sports badge.(Silver pinback lightweight metal) $6.00

gm32s.jpg (4100 bytes)

GM32.DDR Sports badges (Gold pin back lightweight )$7.00

GM34 - NVA Bester badges (Red enamel badge with nos. 1, 2 , 3 or 4) $5.00
GM36 - FDJ medal for FDJ soviet freundschaft $12.00
GM39 - FDJ medal for Freundschaftszug DDR-UdSSR $12.00
GM40 - FDJ Eehrenmedaille fur Hervorragende Leistungen  $12.00

GM41 - Bronze medal fur Hervorragende Kampf und Einsatzbereitschafr $40.00 
GM44 - GST membership badge stickpin $1.00

gm45s.jpg (3089 bytes)

GM45.GST leaders badge (Cased). $10.00

GM46 - GST motorcycle badge (Blue enameled badge with soldier on
motorcycle with wreath in bronze, silver, or gold) $5.00
GM47 - GST sportsman stickpins (Level I, Level II, Level III)each  $1.00
GM48 - GST bester badge (Red and gold)  each $4.00

GM50D.stickpin of Bronze MILITARY BADGE of the German Democratic Republic.
In shape of an oval oak-tree wreath with central inscription "DDR" over two crossed rifles. $8.00

(1986 STYLE)

QB1A.Signals Level I.$5.00

qb1bs.jpg (3055 bytes)

QB1B.Level II.$5.00

qb1c.jpg (2990 bytes)

QB1C.Level III.$5.00

qb10s.jpg (2968 bytes)

QB2.Rocket Troops Level III.$5.00

qb3as.jpg (2957 bytes)

QB3A.General Service Level II.$5.00

qb3bs.jpg (2875 bytes)

QB3B.Level III.$5.00

qb4as.jpg (2997 bytes)

QB4A.Rear Service Level II.$5.00

qb4bs.jpg (2964 bytes)

QB4B.Rear Service Level III.$5.00

QB5A.Transport Level I.$5.00
QB5B.Level II.$4.00
QB5C.Level III.$4.00

QB6A.Artillery Level I.$15.00
QB6B.Level II.$10.00
QB6C.Level III.$8.00

qb7as.jpg (2994 bytes)

QB7.Motor rifles Level I.$12.00

QB7.Motor rifles Level III.$12.00
QB8A.Panzer Level I. SOLD OUT
QB8B.Level II.$12.00
QB8C.Level III.$10.00

qb9cs.jpg (2883 bytes)

QB9.Border guard Level III.$15.00

QB10.Rocket and Weapons technician Level III.$8.00
QB11.Engineers Level III.$6.00
QB12.Pilot (Level I or III with hanger) (Red or blue) $30.00

qb13as.jpg (3018 bytes)

QB13A.Aviation mechanic Level II.$18.00

QB13B.Level III.$15.00
QB14A.Naval engineer Level I.$15.00
QB14B.Level II.$14.00
QB14C.Level III.$12.00
QB15A.Naval seaman Level I.$15.00

qb15bs.jpg (2962 bytes)

QB15B.Naval seaman Level II.$14.00

qb15cs.jpg (2907 bytes)

QB15C.Naval seaman Level III.$12.00

(1984 - 85 STYLE)
QB16.Pilot (64 - 74 style) (Hangerless type) Level II.$30.00
QB17.General service Level III.$20.00
QB18.Panzer Level III.$35.00


pqb1s.jpg (2630 bytes)

PQB1.Police qualification badge level 1. $8.00

pqb2s.jpg (2624 bytes)

PQB2.Police qualification badge level II. $7.00

pqb3s.jpg (2650 bytes)

PQB3.Police qualification badge level III. $6.00

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